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Overview of PIP Benefits You Can Access in a Jacksonville Car Accident


In Florida, every car owner is required to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. PIP benefits help cover certain expenses related to injuries sustained in auto accidents, regardless of who was at fault. Like other states with PIP, Florida also has its unique laws regulating PIP benefits. 

What Does PIP Cover? 

PIP benefits in Florida cover three major costs: lost wages, medical costs, and death benefits. 

Medical Costs

PIP benefits cover most medical procedures. However, this doesn’t cover procedures that are popular but not widely accepted, like acupuncture.

In other states, the PIP benefits will cover anyone in your family. However, in Florida, you can choose if you want it to apply to just you or specific members of your family.

The following are the general medical procedures covered by PIP benefits:

  • Medication and medical services.
  • Rehab costs
  • Ambulatory services
  • Surgical services and hospital expenses.
  • Diagnostic services.

The unique thing about PIP benefits in Florida is that they only cover about 80 percent of your medical costs. So, if your medical treatment costs $10,000, PIP would only cover around $8,000. If the injury in question is not an emergency, the PIP benefits would just cover $2,500. 

Lost Wages

If the accident results in disabilities that prevent you from working, PIP can cover your lost wages. The PIP benefits normally cover 60% of lost wages, with a limit of $10,000. This could also cover services you are no longer able to render like doing the laundry, cleaning your house, taking care of pets, and so on. 

Death Benefits

If the accident resulted in the death of the policyholder, the PIP benefits would cover the funeral and other burial expenses. 

How to File a Claim for PIP Benefits

In order to successfully claim PIP benefits, the treatment for your injuries must be done within two weeks of the accident.

If you are having issues filing a PIP claim, it would be best for you to get in touch with a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer to sort things out with your insurer. In the meantime, make sure you keep a log of your medical treatment for record purposes. 

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As you can see, the available forms of insurance coverage after an auto accident can get quite complicated. There are time limits, coverage limits, and treatment limits you need to be aware of. This is where the auto accident attorneys at the Pendas Law Firm can be of assistance to you. Contact our office today for a free case review. The firm represents clients in the Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Daytona Beach and Bradenton areas.


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