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Hillsborough County Sinkhole Leads to Home Evacuations

A widening sinkhole in Seffner, Florida led to the evacuation of four homes. According to Fox 13, the sinkhole grew to become 27 feet in depth and 22 feet wide. Unfortunately for the homeowners, because the sinkhole is located on private land, the city will do nothing to fill the hole. Unless the homeowners have sinkhole insurance, they could end up paying the bill to deal with the enormous depression endangering their homes. If your property is threatened by a sinkhole, consider contacting a Florida for advice on what actions to take next.

This sinkhole is located only two miles from a sinkhole that swallowed and killed a sleeping man back in 2013. Any resident of Florida should be educated and wary of sinkholes not only for the safety of their property but for the physical safety of themselves and loved ones.

What are Sinkholes?

Sinkholes are caused when water drains into the ground and dissolves large pockets into the rock beneath the surface. Many major metropolitan areas in Florida were built on karst areas, or land with soluble rocks beneath the surface, such as limestone or salt. Sinkhole-vulnerable areas are found throughout Florida, so it is important for every property owner to be prepared for the eventuality. The frequency of sinkholes correlates with human activity and development, for a variety of reasons. As Florida cities and towns expand, so will the threat of sinkholes.

Common Sign Your House May Be on a Sinkhole

The following includes a list of signs your house may be sitting on a sinkhole:

  • Cracks appear on the interior or exterior walls, windows or doors of your home;
  • Windows or doors become harder to close;
  • Any noticeable depressions form in or around your property;
  • Dying plants appear in circular patches;
  • Sediment appears in your home’s water;
  • Deep cracks appear in the concrete or asphalt on your property;
  • Sinkhole activity is reported by your neighbors; and/or
  • You observe a definitive opening in the ground.

Sinkhole Insurance

Sinkhole insurance may be the only way to adequately protect yourself from financial losses caused by sinkholes. But even after purchasing insurance you cannot be sure that the insurance company has your best interests at heart. Your claims adjuster is paid to be thrifty and he or she will try to find any excuse to either prove you are not covered by the policy or shortchange you on the compensation of damages caused by the sinkhole.

Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, especially by yourself. Hiring an experienced lawyer may be your only option to ensure you receive the proper compensation to begin to rebuild your home after a destructive sinkhole incident. An lawyer can check to see if the proper testing was administered before your claim was decided and even conduct their own tests on the property to determine the correct claim.

Contact an Experienced Sinkhole Lawyer Today

If you feel cheated by your sinkhole insurance company in Tampa, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami area, contact the experienced lawyers at the Pendas Law Firm. We know how to protect your rights and can help you stand up to the large companies. Call today for a free consultation.

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