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Delaware Man Files Suit In Miami Against Cruise Ship Operator

A passenger injured on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in early February recently filed a lawsuit in a Miami District Court. The plaintiff claims he suffered a concussion and other aches and pains when he was thrown 18 feet into a door during a hurricane while aboard.

The lawsuit alleges the ship’s operator and captain were fully aware of an impending hurricane in the Caribbean yet chose to put the passengers’ lives at risk and continue with the voyage anyways. The ship and its 4,500 passengers encountered a hurricane with 120 mile per hour winds that produced 40 foot high waves off the coast of the Carolinas.

A near fatal accident

The plaintiff in this case suffered from two aneurysms before the trip, according to court documents. Had he struck one of them during the violent storm, the complaint alleges, he could have died. The victim claims he attempted to seek medical treatment while aboard the ship but the medical clinic was closed.

The plaintiff’s suit seeks damages for his physical injuries, pain and suffering, impairment and economic insecurity caused by the alleged negligence of the ship’s captain and owner. The plaintiff and his lawyer hope the lawsuit will send a message to other cruise ship operators not to take chances with passengers’ lives for the sake of profits.

Federal authorities consider investigation

Reports claim the National Transportation Safety Bureau is considering investigating the circumstances surrounding the case. Senators pressured federal authorities to investigate the incident after another ship was sunk in October 2015.

A federal spokesperson released a statement indicating regulators could use the incident to learn about best practices for sailing vessels in potentially volatile weather conditions. No decision has been reached yet regarding whether federal investigators will get involved.

Boat owner’s responsibilities

Vessel owners and operators have a legal responsibility to ensure they take reasonable safety measures to prevent their passengers from being placed at undue risk. While it is not a shipowner’s responsibility to provide an accident-free ship, if an injury was caused because of negligence on someone else’s part, the victim may have legal remedy to hold certain parties accountable.

These types of lawsuits are generally complex and claims are often against large corporations or other powerful entities. However, victims are nonetheless entitled to recover compensation for their:

  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Hospital bills; and
  • Medical expenses.

Miami boat and jetski lawyers

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