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Investigators Probe Cause Of Deadly Pompano Beach Plane Crash

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and the Broward County Sheriff’s office have begun investigation the cause of multi-engine plane crash that left three in critical condition with severe burns. The plane went down in a residential neighborhood in Pompano Beach around 3 pm shortly after take off in what witnesses describe as a ball of flames.

The passengers were saved by the quick action of concerned neighbors who quickly sprang into action, calling 911 and even grabbing garden hoses to try and put out the flames. EMS responders were on the scene almost immediately, according to reports.

An FAA spokesperson released a statement saying the pilot of the aircraft was practicing takeoffs and landings over the area. The plane is registered to a nearby aviation school at the Pompano Beach Airpark. The same flight school was the registered owner of a Cessna 172 that made an emergency landing near Coral Springs in August 2015.

Airfact had expired registration

According to media reports, the Hawker Beechcraft 76 airplane was owned by a Wyoming-based company. The report goes on to state the registration for the aircraft expired in February 2016. While the investigation is ongoing, the expired registration could raise some eyebrows for investigators.

Some media reports suggested the pilot ran into problems with the aircraft just two minutes after takeoff and witnesses reported flames coming from the aircraft. Although a cause of the crash has not been named yet, there are a few common causes of airplane crashes that could be at play in this accident.

Common causes of airplane accidents

Many airplane accidents are caused due to pilot error, weather conditions, improper maintenance of the aircraft, and defective parts. Due to the complicated nature of aviation, there can be numerous other causes of crashes that victims may be able to hold certain entities responsible for. These include:

  • Pilots intentionally operating in dangerous weather;
  • Failure to complete proper preflight inspections;
  • Air traffic control errors;
  • Flying too low to residential neighborhoods or highways;
  • Pilot fatigue, including that induced by alcohol or drugs; and/or
  • Miscalculating fuel consumption.

When crashes are caused by these types of conditions, owners, operators, flight schools, and even airports themselves may be held responsible. Investigators will look into these entities and determine if foul play or otherwise negligent behavior was the cause of the crash.

Victims and family members of aviation accidents may be entitled to various compensation. Damages airplane crash victims may file claims for include lost wages, hospital bills, pain and suffering, loss of services, and burial costs.

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