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Can Cruise Lines be Held Accountable for Crimes Aboard Their Ships?

By Pendas Law Firm |

People go on cruises to rest and relax, and that is just what many get to do aboard the ships. However, every once in a while, a passenger will report a crime that was committed against them. From theft to assault, cruise lines have been under fire lately for heinous acts that leave passengers… Read More »


Natural Baby Powder is Recalled Due to Contamination

By Pendas Law Firm |

Natural and environmentally friendly products are all the rage these days, especially when it comes to baby products. Actress Jessica Alba capitalized on this trend by co-founding The Honest Company, a company known for producing non-toxic essential goods for babies and families. With products such as diapers, sunscreen, lotions, and powders, The Honest Company… Read More »


Recovering Damages in a Medical Malpractice Case

By Pendas Law Firm |

When you visit a doctor or medical professional, you expect to be treated with a certain standard of care; the last thing you expect is to be injured by them. However, medical malpractice has become a serious issue in America, accounting for over 250,000 deaths each year. Unfortunately though, because a medical malpractice case… Read More »


Florida Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Aggressive Drivers

By Pendas Law Firm |

Florida drivers have become much more aggressive in recent years and authorities have taken notice. This past week, Florida Highway Patrol took part in the safety campaign, Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT). The campaign was started in order to educate drivers on the dangers of aggressive driving and to compel motorists to practice… Read More »


A Brief Recap of Florida Sinkhole Insurance Coverage

By Pendas Law Firm |

Because sinkholes are so common in Florida, it is a good idea to review your homeowners’ insurance policy annually to make sure that you are covered for sinkhole damage. Their commonality is also a good reason for us to provide a brief overview of sinkhole insurance coverage to our clients and other Florida residents…. Read More »


Family of Toddler Sues Hospital After Child Swallows Battery

By Pendas Law Firm |

Parent’s intuition is a very real phenomenon, so when a parent says, “I think my child needs this now,” you had better listen to them. And when parent’s intuition is backed up by poison control about what medical measures need to be taken to care for a child, they should not be questioned. However,… Read More »


Skateboarding Head Injuries Prompt a Bill That Will Change Florida Helmet Laws

By Pendas Law Firm |

Florida Congressman Richard Stark of District 104 has proposed a new bill that would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to ride a skateboard or a scooter without a helmet. While teenagers across the state bemoan the proposed law, it is something that should have been enacted a long time… Read More »


Negligent Security Case Nets Plaintiff Nearly $600,000 in Damages

By Pendas Law Firm |

Florida property owners have an obligation to keep their visitors safe from harm, including crimes committed by third-parties. Individuals who must meet this standard include commercial business owners, property managers, landlords, and other types of property owners. Those who fail to meet the standard of care required of property owners (which varies based on… Read More »


What You Need to Know Before Filing a Maritime Injury Claim

By Pendas Law Firm |

The law of the sea is very different from that of the land, and it can be confusing for someone who chooses to visit rather than work there. If you go out to sea on a fishing charter, cruise ship, or even in a friend’s boat, and if you are injured in an accident,… Read More »


Your Rights as a Nursing Home Resident in West Palm Beach, FL

By Pendas Law Firm |

“Respect your elders.” This is something that most people are taught from a young age, yet, nursing home abuse continues to run rampant across the country, and especially in the state of Florida, as many elderly people choose to retire here. Sadly, elderly individuals are treated with neglect, lack of respect, and even violence… Read More »

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