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Senate Fails to Vote on PIP Insurance Repeal

By Pendas Law Firm |

In April the Florida House of Representatives voted to repeal the state’s personal injury protection (PIP) insurance system. But because of the Senate’s inaction, the measure will not become law — at least not until another legislative session. What Is the Law Currently? Florida is only one of ten states with no-fault auto insurance…. Read More »


Understanding Property Owner Liability

By Pendas Law Firm |

Property owners have certain responsibilities under Florida law. If you go over to someone’s house and get injured, they might be liable for your damages. This is called premises liability law, which applies not only to homeowners but also to small business owners. If you sprain your ankle in an unexpected hole in a… Read More »


Miami (and Florida) Is a Dangerous Place for Cyclists

By Pendas Law Firm |

Miami is one of the most dangerous places in the country to ride a bicycle. In fact, Florida has the most cyclist fatalities in the United States. The four deadliest cities are Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Miami. More than 3,500 cyclists were injured in Miami between 2010 and 2014, and 47 were killed. It… Read More »


Understanding Florida’s Comparative Negligence System

By Pendas Law Firm |

One thing to keep in mind if you’re injured because of another person’s negligence is that more than one person might be to blame. Different states have different methods for apportioning fault in these situations — Florida follows the comparative negligence standard. How Does Comparative Negligence Work? Pure comparative negligence means that the amount… Read More »


Florida Supreme Court Strengthens Attorney-Client Privilege in Negligence Cases

By Pendas Law Firm |

The Florida Supreme Court recently ruled that defense attorneys can’t ask plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits if their lawyers referred them to physicians for treatment. In other words, if you are injured because of another person’s negligence and you file a lawsuit, the defense can’t ask you whether your lawyer referred you to a… Read More »


Florida House Votes to Repeal PIP Insurance

By Pendas Law Firm |

The Florida House of Representatives recently voted to repeal the state’s personal injury protection (PIP) insurance system. It’s now up to the Senate whether Florida, which is still only one of ten states with no-fault auto insurance, eliminates PIP coverage in favor of bodily injury coverage. What Is PIP Insurance? Under current Florida law,… Read More »


Tobacco Lawsuits in Florida

By Pendas Law Firm |

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against tobacco companies over the years, including in Florida. In fact, the Florida Supreme Court recently allowed thousands of negligence and liability claims to proceed against R.J. Reynolds. The tobacco company had argued that federal law preempts the state law claims, but the Florida court disagreed. This means… Read More »


What Is the Impact Rule?

By Pendas Law Firm |

Different states have different rules when it comes to determining who is entitled to emotional distress damages after an accident. Florida follows the impact rule, which means that a person claiming negligent infliction of emotional distress must prove that his emotional distress resulted from some type of physical impact. In other words, a person… Read More »


Florida Drivers Are Among the Most Distracted

By Pendas Law Firm |

Distracted driving is a serious problem in Florida, especially when that distraction comes in the form of a cell phone. In fact, a study conducted by the Transportation Research Laboratory found that texting delays a driver’s reaction time significantly more than alcohol delays a drunk driver’s reaction time. According to another study, Florida ranks… Read More »


Will Florida Reform Its Personal Injury Protection (No-Fault Insurance) System?

By Pendas Law Firm |

Florida is currently one of ten states with personal injury protection, also known as no-fault auto insurance. But state legislators are trying to change Florida’s auto insurance system. Two competing bills have recently been voted out of their respective committees and will be debated by the full legislative chambers. The state Senate Banking and… Read More »

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