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West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a car accident can be incredibly traumatic. However, when a large truck is involved, the terror can easily escalate to new levels. We’ve all seen them rocking from side to side on the freeway, wondering if they’re going to suddenly veer into our lane or topple over at the next curve. These extra large trucks are longer, heavier, and more difficult to control than regular trucks. Sadly, over 10 people are killed in the United States every single day in large truck crashes. Many of these fatalities happen in head-on collisions, where smaller vehicles stand no chance. Contact the best West Palm Beach truck accident lawyers for more information.

In non-fatal large truck accidents, injuries to the smaller vehicle tend to be severe. If you or a loved one has been injured in a large truck collision, it is vital for your recovery to consult with a West Palm Beach truck accident lawyer to discuss your legal options. Likewise, if you have a loved one that has passed away in a large truck accident, the Pendas Law Firm out of West Palm Beach is here to help you recover damages for funeral costs and other expenses that are owed to your family.

The Physics of Large Truck Rollovers

Rollovers are some of the most terrifying of all types of truck crashes. A rollover happens most often when the driver of the truck fails to slow down for curves in the road, the driver speeds excessively with an extra heavy load, the brakes fail, or the driver falls asleep or gets distracted by a cell phone or other electronics. Rollovers are more likely to happen to larger trucks with heavy loads up high. With more mass high up, as opposed to low, the center of gravity is off. The centrifugal force that is placed on this high-up load when the truck goes around a curve pulls the trailer over and spells disaster.

Take These Steps After Being Involved in a Large Truck Accident

Almost all auto crashes end in injury and damage to personal property. The damages tend to be higher when large vehicles, such as trucks, are involved. If you have been injured in a large truck accident, you may be able to collect damages to pay for your medical bills; future treatments; property damage; lost wages; pain and suffering; and, in the very worst scenario, the death of a loved one. You have up to four years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury suit in the state of Florida, and the sooner you do so the better your chances for receiving payment for your damages. It is important to do this in a timely manner because large truck accidents often involve multiple injured and suffering parties. Having a skilled West Palm Beach truck accident lawyer to determine the causation and attribute liability on the guilty party is vital.

The Pendas Law Firm is one of Florida’s most well-known firms in the area of personal injury, and we provide effective, experienced lawyers skilled in handling truck accidents related to personal injury claims. Don’t hesitate; call us now to find out how we can help you through this difficult time.

What to do After a West Palm Beach Truck Accident

There are over 30,000 fatalities on U.S. roads every year. According to the Centers for Disease and Control, more than 2.5 million Americans went to the emergency department in 2012 due to non-fatal accidents, and of those 200,000 required hospitalization. Of these injuries and fatalities, the numbers continue to rise for the occupants of large trucks, as well as the injuries and fatalities from other parties that are involved in large truck crashes. Surprisingly, despite countless studies and statistics showing that seat-belts save lives, the majority of victims in fatal motor vehicle crashes were not wearing seat-belts. Similarly, 33 percent of large truck operators who died in crashes were also not wearing seat-belts. Unfortunately, the importance of wearing a seat-belt is still not being absorbed by everyone.

If you have a loved one that fell victim to a fatal large truck collision in West Palm Beach, our truck accident lawyers at the Pendas Law Firm are ready to help you acquire compensation in a wrongful death suit. We will help you secure damages to pay for lost wages, past and future medical bills, other costs associated with recovery, loss of support due to the death of your loved one, and funeral costs. If you yourself were injured in a large truck collision, we can help you seek restitution for your own medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and property damage. Don’t hesitate to call us today so we can begin working on your case.

Steps to Take After your Large Truck Collision

With truck crashes being all too common these days, and with the statistics not showing a major decline in the near future, having a plan of action is important every time you head out on the road. Taking action immediately following an accident will help you get a head start in the legal process that takes place afterwards, and will ultimately help you avoid the crippling debt of medical bills and property damage.

The following includes a list of important steps to take in the aftermath of a truck accident:

  • Speak with the police and make sure a police report is filed;
  • Exchange information with the other party;
  • Speak with witnesses and collect their contact information;
  • Take pictures of your injuries, property damage, and the scene of the crash;
  • Of course, seek medical attention immediately if you so require. All other steps can take place at a later time; and
  • Contact an lawyer to discuss your legal options for compensation.

You May Be Able to Recover Damages Caused During Your Truck Crash in West Palm Beach

As co-users of the roadways, we all owe each other a duty of care. We must drive responsibly and never put the lives of others at risk. If someone breaks this duty and causes you harm, you may be able to receive compensation for damages. In the state of Florida, you have up to four years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury suit against the negligent party. Negligent driving includes speeding, swerving, improper use of signals, disobeying traffic signs, driving under the influence, distracted driving, and other reckless or careless behaviors.

Contact our Experienced West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyers Today

It is important to seek legal help with your case, especially in large truck accidents or rollovers when there can be many parties involved. We will walk you through the process and discuss all your options. The Pendas Law Firm retains lawyers with significant experience in the realm of personal injury suits, and we are available to put you on the path to physical and financial recovery. Contact our successful West Palm Beach truck accident lawyers today for immediate assistance.

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