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Florida homeowners used to have to purchase sinkhole coverage in addition to their regular insurance policy to ensure they were financially protected against structural damage and other non-catastrophic events. In 2007, a law was passed that requires insurance companies to include sinkholes in their policies. Sadly, many insurance companies deny their customers full coverage in the event of a sinkhole, often paying just a fraction of the damage. The Pendas Law Firm has extensive experience dealing with sinkhole insurance claims in West Palm Beach and we will work tirelessly for you to ensure your insurance company pays what is deserved. Contact our West Palm Beach sinkhole lawyers today.

Sinkholes occurs when the ground surface collapses. There are many different reasons this happens, both natural and human-induced:

Natural Sinkhole Causes

  • Erosion from groundwater;
  • Collapse of a cave roof; and
  • Lowering of the water table.

Human-made Sinkhole Causes

  • Abandoned mines collapse;
  • Broken water main;
  • Collapsed sewer pipes;
  • A change in the land surface, such as creating artificial industrial storage ponds;
  • Overuse of groundwater; and
  • Drilling new wells.

West Palm Beach is naturally prone to sinkholes. Florida has karst topography—an underground network of caves and sinkholes—which are formed by the dissolution (dissolving) of soluble rock, such as limestone, gypsum, and dolomite. Rainfall percolates or seeps through the soil, absorbing carbon dioxide and reacting with decaying vegetation to create acidic water. It then reaches the bedrock, which, in Florida, limestone. The acidic water slowly eats away at the limestone, or other karst rocks, including slat beds, domes, gypsum and other carbonate rocks, dissolving it and creating tiny cracks and voids. With enough time, those micro cracks form larger cracks and caves. When enough supporting material is removed, the ground layer collapses, sometimes ending in catastrophe.

How Pendas Law Firm Help

Multi-billion dollar insurance companies have teams of experts working for them to “prove” the damage to your home is not covered under your policy. We have experienced sinkhole lawyers that will fight back against your insurance company to get you the compensation you are entitled to. We know the law, the proper testing methods that your insurance company must carry out, and how to negotiate with cutthroat insurance adjusters. Give us a call today and we can discuss your legal options and help you through your time of need. Our West Palm Beach sinkhole lawyers at the Pendas Law Firm are prepared to fight for your rights throughout each step of your case.

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