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When tragedy strikes, the last thing on a mourning’s family’s mind is often finances. However, the loss of a loved one can incur incredible financial losses. Not only can medical bills and funeral expenses easily reach the tens of thousands and above, but the loss of a major breadwinner can be the crippling blow to a family’s future. We understand that no amount of financial compensation can make such a tragedy go away or even ease the tremendous emotional pain, but when the death of a loved one is the fault of another, the negligent party should be responsible for the financial damage they caused. You may be entitled to compensation for medical and funeral expenses, what equates to emotional pain and suffering, and loss of income that would have been provided by the deceased. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one that was the fault of a careless or reckless act of another, contact an experienced Orlando wrongful death lawyer today.

Loss of Consortium is Similar to Pain and Suffering

When a member of a family dies, a lawsuit will often determine what the family deserves in terms of financial compensation for the loss of consortium. Loss of consortium is the loss of companionship. It is particularly relevant to families with young children, as they will have to grow up without one of their parents.

Accidental Deaths Are Almost Always Avoidable

While wrongful death civil lawsuits stem from both intentional and unintentional fatalities, murder is of course much less frequent than accidental deaths. However, that does not excuse the guilty party. There were 130,557 unintentional injury deaths in 2011, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not all of those were the fault of others, though that number does not take into account the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by doctors and healthcare workers. Sadly, mistakes made in emergency rooms and hospitals in general are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., according to new research published in the Journal of Patient Safety. Wrongful death lawsuits derive from medical malpractice, car collisions, truck collisions, motorcycle and bicycle crashes, faulty or unsafe products, workplace mishaps, premises accidents, and many other types of avoidable scenarios where one or more parties displayed varying levels of negligence. In terms of traffic fatalities, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety lists alcohol as one of the main contributors. However, illegal measures do not have to be taken in order for a party to be held liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. Technology distraction is a growing problem, as is drowsy driving due to the short hours Americans sleep each night.

Contact Our Experienced Orlando Wrongful Death Lawyers

No matter the scenario, if a loved one died due to the negligence of another, you and your family deserve to be financially compensated. The statute (95.11) of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits is two years in Florida. To talk with an experienced Orlando wrongful death lawyer, call The Pendas Law Firm at 1-888-573-6327. Let our successful lawyers help you today.

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