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Orlando Social Security Disability Lawyer

All of us rely on the services and infrastructure that we pay for with taxes. Public schools, streets, and emergency workers are here for all of us to use; where we’d be without them is a dark question. There are are many other forms of social services and safety nets that are equally vital to millions of American. One of these is Social Security disability, and it is particularly troublesome to acquire. Social Security and Social Security disability are paid for through payroll tax. According to the Social Security Administration, employees and their employers both pay 6.2 percent of their wages into social security, with the maximum taxable amount being $118,500. Self employed workers pay 12.4 percent. While interest earnings, Old Age and Survivor’s Insurance and Disability Insurance (OASDI) taxation revenue, and General Treasury Fund reimbursements pay for roughly 15 percent of Social Security, the workers (you) pay for 85 percent, or $726 billion in 2013.

So why is this vital financial resource that you have paid into over your lifetime so difficult to get even if your work record and permanent injury or disability is firmly documented? Even filling out the paperwork properly can be tricky. In fact, 53 percent of applicants are denied. The Social Security Benefits Reform Act of 1984 helped to expand the program, but it is still a difficult benefit to qualify for. If you have a disability that will keep you from working for over a year, contact an experienced Orlando Social Security Disability lawyer today.

Acquiring Social Security Disability

When attempting to receive Social Security benefits, the Social Security Administration needs to know what kind of work you did, if you can do another type of work, and other information. The five first important questions that are asked consist of:

  • Are you currently working? If you are currently working and your average monthly wages are $1,130 (in 2016), you will likely be denied Social Security disability coverage;
  • Is the condition severe? Will it keep you from being able to perform normal work-related tasks?
  • Does your severe condition meet one of the administration’s automatically qualified conditions? There are certain injuries and disabilities that will automatically qualify an injured person for social security disability. If not, your condition will have to undergo further examination;
  • Does the injury keep you from performing the work you once did? If the severity of the injury does not meet one of the automatically qualified on the administration’s list but keeps you from doing your work, you may be able to qualify; and
  • Can you successfully carry out other work. To determine if you can, the social security administration examines your education, past work experience, age, and related skills that could help you adjust to other work. If it is decided that you can do other work, you will not qualify for Social Security disability.\

Contact Our Experienced Orlando Social Security Disability Lawyers

As you can see, while the decision is supposedly impartial, there are quite a lot of factors that can be open to interpretation. While another may deem your condition only as moderate and believe that you can perform other work, to you the pain or condition may in fact be completely debilitating. Contact an experienced Orlando Social Security Disability lawyer at The Pendas Law Firm today at 1-888-573-6327 to discuss your options.

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