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Plane crashes are almost always incredibly traumatic events. The injuries can be severe, and fatalities are not uncommon. We take every aviation accident that we handle very seriously and employ every ounce of resources in our disposal to finding out what happened. Often, in private plane accidents, the pilot that may have caused the mishap was a family member or a friend of our clients, which adds another layer of personal complexity to the case. However, when the financial future of your family is at stake when it comes to paying for medical bills and lost wages, it is vital to pursue the financial damages the their fullest potential. And, it can be of some solace that it will be very likely that the insurance of the pilot will cover the costs, and the financial burden will not rest on the shoulders of the pilot. Whatever the cause of the crash, and whatever type of plane it was, if you have been injured, you deserve to speak with an experienced Orlando airplane accident lawyer at once.

Which is More Dangerous: Commercial Jetliners or Private Planes?

The type of plane accidents that make international news are extremely rare–the catastrophes in which hundreds of people die in a commercial jetliner crash. Commercial air travel is actually very safe, and while accidents do happen, they are few and far between. However, small private plane crashes occur on a much more frequent basis, and the chances of a fatal accident are roughly the same while flying in a private plane as driving your car, according to Livescience. In fact, according to the New York Times, 94 percent of aviation fatalities in 2011 were those of general aviation, which includes professionally piloted corporate flights as well private plane flights.

Commercial aviation has an accident rate of 0.16 per 100,000 hours of flight, compared to six accidents per 100,000 flight hours of general aviation. This means that a general aviation accident occurs 40 times for every single commercial aviation accident. Commercial jets are not only easier to pilot than small engine planes, partially due to advances in auto pilot and other technology, but the professional pilots that fly them have thousands of flight hours of experience. Additionally, there are strict safety protocols that they must follow and their aircraft are kept in much better condition by professional mechanics than the aircraft of private, weekend warrior pilots.

An Experienced Orlando Airplane Accident Lawyer

No matter the type of plane (commercial jet or private single engine), aviation accidents usually involve very long and detail oriented investigations, and having an experienced Orlando plane accident lawyer to help conduct those investigations is paramount to a successful litigation. And while commercial jets are equipped with black boxes that record the events leading up to the crash, private planes usually are not, which makes the investigation and determining the cause of crash that much more difficult. If you have been injured in a plane accident, or had a family member perish in one, you deserve a substantial amount of financial compensation to help pay for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and possible loss of future income. Contact an experienced Orlando airplane accident lawyer with The Pendas Law Firm today at 1-888-573-6327.

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