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Home insurance adjusters are not known for their compassion, understanding, and genuine care for the customers they serve. They are beholden to the company they work for, not the clients they serve. Likewise, insurance companies, as a whole, exist to create profits for their shareholders, and accepting every home insurance claim that comes their way, whether it is valid or not, only stands to detract from their quarterly statements. As such, when you have to deal with your insurance provider, it is not uncommon to face false claims, denials, and long periods of silence as they attempt to stifle the cries of help from you and the hundreds of thousands of clients they owe. Florida is home to disastrous floods and tropical storms. Mold grows quickly and easily here in Fort Myers. Sinkholes are common, and house fires occur here just like every other city. While crime has seen a dramatic decrease in the last decade, Fort Myers still had 392 burglaries in 2015, according to Additionally, Fort Myers had 23.9 cases of arson per 100,000 residence in 2013, which is a surprisingly high number. If a home disaster happens to you and your insurance company won’t cover the roof damage that occurred when a tree limb came down from a major storm, it is time to call an experienced Fort Myers insurance claims lawyer immediately. Our law offices have experience in the following types of claims:

  • Hurricanes;
  • Floods;
  • Storms;
  • Tornadoes;
  • Winds;
  • Pipe leaks;
  • Mold;
  • Fires
  • Thefts; and
  • Sinkholes.

Tips to Take When Filing a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

There is no guarantee that your insurance provider will accept your claim, no matter how well you fill out the paperwork and how extensive and obvious the damage to your home is. If you are dealing with a claim denial, the following steps may help resolve the issue. However, insurance companies have all the time, resources, and personnel in the world, and they know that you do not. This is why hiring a successful Fort Myers insurance claims lawyer with years of experience in insurance claims can help speed things along dramatically, and eventually bring you the result you need and deserve.

  • Keep copies and a complete record of everything you send your insurance provider, and file any and all letters of communication that they have sent to you. Do not throw away receipts or work orders either; and
  • Read, in detail, your exact insurance policy and try to determine the reason they have denied you coverage. Ask your insurance company, specifically, why they have decided not to cover the damage when it explicitly states that that type of damage is covered in your insurance policy. Ensure that they know exactly what the damage is, the extent, and how it occurred, as mixups do occur and something may have been lost in communication.

Experienced Fort Myers Insurance Claim Lawyers

You do not have to deal with gross delays that are purposeful, and you should not wait on them to make the next move if this is the case, or if they are purposefully dragging you along. Contact The Pendas Law Firm in Fort Myers at 1-888-573-6327 today to ensure that you receive the coverage that you need and deserve.

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