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Fort Lauderdale Sinkhole Lawyer

The realization in the back of your mind that at any moment, your house could be swallowed into the earth without warning, is not only terrifying but also seemingly out of a Hollywood movie. However, sinkholes are a fact of life here in Fort Lauderdale. Luckily, they are seldom fatal, and ever since a game-changing law was passed in 2007, insurance companies are required to include sinkholes in your normal home insurance policy. Before 2007, homeowners had to purchase sinkhole coverage in addition to their normal homeowners insurance to ensure they were protected against damage and other non-catastrophic events. Despite that unfair loophole being closed to profit-seeking insurance companies, they still often deny full coverage in the event of a sinkhole.

If you are being denied coverage or your insurance company is offering to pay just a fraction of the funds required to fix your home after a sinkhole damages your Fort Lauderdale home, contact one of our experienced lawyers at The Pendas Law Firm to straighten the problem out. We employ aggressive, time and again proven tactics that will get you the compensation you deserve. Contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale sinkhole lawyers today.

What Exactly is a Sinkhole?

A sinkhole is defined simply as the caving-in of the ground surface. The ground surface can collapse from a variety of reasons, both human-made and natural, according to St. John’s River Management District.

Natural Sinkholes are Caused by:

  • Erosion from groundwater;
  • Collapse of a cave roof; and
  • Lowering of the water table.

Human-made Sinkholes are Caused by:

  • Abandoned mines collapse;
  • Broken water main;
  • Collapsed sewer pipes;
  • A change in the land surface, such as creating artificial industrial storage ponds;
  • Overuse of groundwater; and
  • Drilling new wells.

Fort Lauderdale is prone to sinkholes due to the geology beneath our feet. Florida’s karst topography—meaning its underground network of caves and sinkholes—is formed by the dissolution (or dissolving) of soluble rock like gypsum, limestone, and dolomite. Rain seeps through the topsoil and absorbs carbon dioxide while reacting with decaying vegetation. This creates slightly acidic water, which over time, reaches Florida’s limestone bedrock and begins to eat away at it. What at first begin as micro cracks and tiny voids within the bedrock eventually form into larger cave chambers and tunnels. Finally, after a very long period of time, the acidic water will deteriorate the supporting bedrock structure and the ground will cave in, causing either a minor or catastrophic sinkhole.

How The Pendas Law Firm Can Help With Your Sinkhole Claim

With teams of experts working for them to prove that your claim is invalid, multi-billion dollar insurance companies have more than a leg up on homeowners trying to do it alone. Our experienced Fort Lauderdale sinkhole lawyers have the means to fight back with our own investigations, experts, and knowledge of the law. Don’t let your insurance company bully you into a sub-par coverage. Call us today at the Pendas Law Firm to find out what your legal options are and how we can get you the funds you deserve to fix your home.

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