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  • $3,830,000
    Catastrophic motorcycle accident resulted in a jury verdict.
  • $1,748,000
    Auto accident, multi-car crash
  • $1,200,000
    Auto accident
  • $1,035,000
    Auto accident involving defective airbag
  • $850,000
    Auto accident
  • $700,000
    Auto accident
  • $600,000
    Hospital turned away patient
  • $550,000
    Auto accident involving tractor trailer
  • $450,000
    Auto accident
  • $400,000
    Car accident
  • $350,000
    Golf Cart Accident
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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

Located in Orlando, Ocala, Daytona, Melbourne, Tampa, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Naples, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale & West Palm Beach

Alert! Don’t be a victim of fraud. Be aware of runners misrepresenting legitimate law firms.

Being injured in an accident can take a physical, emotional, and financial toll that can last for months, or even years. Having the added stress of a legal case is something that no victim of personal injury wants, and our skilled Florida personal injury lawyers are here to help. The Pendas Law Firm has a proven history of successfully representing the victims of personal injury across Florida in many different types of accident claims. Our law firm is ready to zealously advocate on your behalf and get you the full compensation that you deserve. We serve clients all over the state of Florida, including Orlando, Ocala, Tampa, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Broward County & Miami-Dade County.

Why You Need an Experienced Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many benefits to retaining a lawyer if you have been hurt in an accident. A skilled Florida personal injury lawyer takes on the responsibility of dealing with the insurance companies, so that you will not have to continue to receive constant phone calls from adjusters. In addition, a lawyer can conduct their own investigation into the case to determine who is at fault and what the proper compensation should be. Finally, a personal injury lawyer knows the law and how the legal system works. Our team can make sure that your case is being handled properly with the insurance companies as well as in the court system. Some of the main areas we serve can be found below.

Having an experienced Florida injury attorney can also ensure that you are getting the full compensation that you are owed for your injuries. This can include costs for medical bills, lost wages, disability, scarring and disfigurement, impaired earning ability, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and any other damages that are reasonably related to the injuries that you sustained in the accident. Our team can safeguard you from insurance companies offering you a settlement that is worth far less that what you fully deserve for your claims.

The Pendas Law Firm has years of experience successfully advocating on behalf of clients in a wide variety of personal injury cases, and a history of successfully representing clients from Orlando, Tampa, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale & West Palm Beach.

Negligence Is the Legal Doctrine from which Personal Injury Lawsuits Most Commonly Arise

For an accident victim to recover damages stemming from injuries suffered as a result of the accident, the accident must have been the fault of someone other than the victim. Otherwise, there would be no victim, but rather simply a person who has only him or herself to blame. While collisions, falls, and injuries resulting from faulty products are still often referred to as “accidents,” which implies that the injury was simply caused by a freak of nature and could not be helped, many of these entirely preventable injuries would not occur if it were not for human error. In fact, human error accounts for the vast majority of motor vehicle collisions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Only two percent of vehicle collisions are due to failed or degraded components of the vehicle, the majority of which are tire and brake issues and some of which could arguably be attributed to additional human error on the part of the owner for lack of maintenance. And, finally, two percent of collisions are due to adverse weather conditions such as wet or icy roads and debris. Motor vehicle collisions almost always have one or more drivers at fault. If you were injured by another, that party should be held accountable for their careless actions.

Human error is relevant in all types of unintentional injuries, not just in car crashes, when one party acted in a way that was lacking in a reasonable amount of care for the other party. Sometimes, as in assault and battery lawsuits, fault is embodied in bad acts and/or intent of an aggressor. However, in the personal injury context, fault is not always so easily identified. Contact our Florida injury lawyers for more information and assistance.

Mission Statement

The Pendas Law Firm is focused on the pursuit of justice for our clients and strives to achieve results that exceed expectations. The vision that we were founded on was that every client should receive not only a high level of legal representation but also a feeling of service and caring. No victory is ever absolute if a client has felt that their needs were not understood and addressed. No justice received is complete if a client has felt that they did not receive our very best.

We at the Pendas Law Firm view every client’s problem as if it were our own. This perspective assures us that clients will leave our office feeling fulfilled, no matter the outcome of their case. The lifeblood of the Pendas Law Firm has been and always will be the personal recommendations of clients to friends and family in the community. The success of this firm is intimately tied to the satisfaction of our clients. Our professional team is profoundly aware that what we do can have a significant impact on the health, happiness, and financial security of our clients.

We strive to be good citizens of our communities. It is not enough to celebrate accomplishments if we are not making our communities better places to live, work, and grow in at the same time. Beyond excellent legal representation, the goal of The Pendas Law Firm’s involvement in the community is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we reach out to. We will always seek to positively affect the lives of the most needy and disadvantaged in our community.

It is our honor to serve our clients in their moments of need, whether with our legal expertise, or with our time and compassion. We do so with a dedication to excellence, responsiveness, and caring and always with a sense of humble appreciation for the trust placed upon us by those who call upon our services. Contact an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer from our firm today.

Common Injuries in Florida

Florida’s dynamic environment brings with it a range of personal injuries, from traffic accidents to recreational mishaps. If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation, contact The Pendas Law Firm for immediate assistance.

Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of personal injuries in Florida. With over 400,000 traffic accidents reported annually, the state sees numerous injuries such as:

  • Whiplash: Often resulting from rear-end collisions.
  • Fractures: Common in more severe crashes.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): Serious injuries with long-term effects.

What to Do After a Car Accident:

  1. Ensure Safety: Move to a safe location if possible and check for injuries.
  2. Call 911: Report the accident and seek medical help if needed.
  3. Document the Scene: Take photos, exchange information with other drivers, and gather witness statements.
  4. Notify Your Insurance: Report the accident to your insurance company.
  5. Consult an Attorney: For serious injuries or disputes, seek legal advice.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are frequent in Florida, especially in public areas like shopping centers and restaurants. These accidents can lead to:

  • Sprains and Strains: Common due to sudden impacts.
  • Fractures: Particularly in the wrists, ankles, or hips.
  • Head Injuries: Resulting from falls that involve hitting hard surfaces.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident:

  1. Seek Medical Attention: Get evaluated for injuries, even if minor.
  2. Report the Incident: Notify the property owner or manager about the fall.
  3. Document Everything: Take photos of the scene and your injuries.
  4. File a Report: Obtain a copy of the incident report from the property owner.
  5. Consult a Lawyer: For potential compensation claims and legal advice.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice involves errors by healthcare professionals leading to injury or harm. Common issues include:

  • Surgical Errors: Mistakes during surgery.
  • Diagnostic Errors: Incorrect or delayed diagnoses.
  • Medication Errors: Wrong prescriptions or dosages.

What to Do After a Medical Malpractice Incident:

  1. Obtain Medical Records: Request all relevant documentation.
  2. Consult a Specialist: Get a second opinion from another medical professional.
  3. Document Your Case: Keep detailed notes about treatment and alleged malpractice.
  4. Contact a Malpractice Attorney: Seek legal representation to evaluate and potentially pursue your case.
  5. File a Complaint: Consider a formal complaint with the medical board if appropriate.

Product Liability

Product liability injuries occur when defective products cause harm. Common issues include:

  • Defective Appliances: Leading to burns or electrical injuries.
  • Faulty Vehicles: Resulting in accidents due to mechanical failures.
  • Unsafe Consumer Goods: Such as toys or medications.

What to Do After a Product Liability Injury:

  1. Seek Medical Care: Address injuries immediately.
  2. Preserve the Product: Keep the defective product as evidence.
  3. Document the Incident: Take photos and keep detailed records.
  4. Report the Issue: Notify the manufacturer or retailer.
  5. Consult an Attorney: For advice on filing a product liability claim.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are a significant concern in Florida, often resulting from:

  • Heavy Machinery: Leading to severe injuries or fatalities.
  • Repetitive Strain: Causing chronic pain or injuries.
  • Falls: Especially in construction or high-risk jobs.

What to Do After a Workplace Injury:

  1. Report the Injury: Notify your employer immediately.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: Get evaluated and treated for your injuries.
  3. Document the Incident: Keep detailed notes and collect evidence.
  4. File a Workers’ Compensation Claim: Report your injury to your insurance provider.
  5. Consult a Lawyer: If there are disputes or complications with your claim.

Injuries in Florida can arise from various sources, including traffic accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, product defects, and workplace incidents. Knowing the common types of injuries and the appropriate steps to take can help in managing these situations effectively. Contact the experienced Florida personal injury attorneys at The Pendas Law Firm to ensure your rights are protected and to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Florida Personal Injury FAQs

How long will it take to resolve my case?

This really depends on what kind of case you have, how seriously you are injured and who is being sued for your injuries. Some simple car accident cases can reach settlement in as little as four months. Some complex wrongful death cases can take years, with an investment on our part of hundreds of hours of work and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many times, the more your case is worth, the more of a fight the person who is being sued will put up.

Do I have to go to trial?

The short answer is no. Most cases are settled without having to file a lawsuit, or what we call, litigation. We sue defendants in court only when it is the only way to achieve a fair settlement, and we prepare our cases as though they are going to trial. But before going to trial, we will thoroughly explain all your options and help you make the best decision for you.

What is “mediation”?

Before allowing us to go to trial, the Courts in Florida will make both parties attend mediation. Mediation is an informal settlement conference, where you and one of our lawyers get together with the lawyer and defendant (or insurance adjuster) from the other side to try and reach a settlement. A mediator is a lawyer, hired by both sides (we each pay half the fees for the mediator) to try and help reach an agreement. The mediator is not a judge and does not have the authority to compel an agreement like an arbitrator. He or she is there to help the sides communicate and compromise. As the client, you don’t have to do anything except listen and decide if you want to settle. Many of our cases scheduled for trial settle at mediation.

If we settle, how much of the settlement will I get?

That really depends on how much your medical bills are and how much we had to spend to get the case settled. Once we have to file a lawsuit in court, our percentage of the total settlement goes up from 33.3 % to 40% of the total settlement. After that, our costs and your medical bills get paid from the rest of the settlement. Whatever is left is yours, and we try to make sure you know just how much you have coming to you before you agree to settle.

Will I be responsible for any costs if we lose at trial?

No. In personal injury matters, the Pendas Law Firm pays all the costs, including filing fees, experts, and discovery costs up front. If we successfully settle your case, or win at trial, we recover our costs out of the settlement or award from a jury. If we are not successful in either settling your case or winning at trial, you will not be responsible for any costs.

Contact Our Experienced Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Today

Our firm has ten different offices, so our Florida personal injury lawyers are prepared to help you with your injury case no matter where you live. With locations in Orlando, Tampa, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, & Ocala. The Pendas Law Firm is ready to help you get back on your feet by getting you the compensation that you deserve for your claims. Call the office or contact us today for a free and confidential consultation of your case.

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    — Terry Mcphillips
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    — Joseph Kestell
  • Wow I called Pendas Law Firm the other day at their main intake line it was around 11 o’clock at night and I’ve got this wonderful representative his name was Jeffrey Alvarez. This guy was very professional and his compassion was out of this world..

    — Luis Sanchez
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    — Enilno Resu
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    — Israel Garcia
  • Their attorneys are absolutely someone you want handling your car accident claim. They communicated with us promptly and thoroughly. I was very happy with our recovery. Already recommended them to others in the same circumstances, their staff speaks Spanish and you feel like in family.

    — Ian Brito
  • Very Professional law firm. They explained to you every detail what to do according to the laws (worker's compensation). Mr. Danilo Cruz is the best Lawyer and his team. They are very kind, friendly, responsible, I love this firm. They fight for their clients. AwesomeTeam!

    — Lau Rod
  • I am very proud and happy that my case was closed, and definitely won! Lizette Gonzalez was my case manager and I definitely recommend this P.A.! Honestly, no other lawyer even tried to fight my case at all, I was turned down by most of those who I called...

    — KingArroyoVEVO
  • Great lawyers who speak Spanish and English. Danny Cruz and Lizette Gonzalez helped with my case and put my parents worries at ease. They got my case over and done with within a year and helped get all my bills paid.

    — Caroline Matute
  • This was a positive, informative and pleasant experience concerning an unpleasant situation. Everyone I spoke to was very professional and compassionate. I always felt to be in the best and most capable hands. the Pendas Law Firm lives up to its reputation!

    — Jean Villarreal
  • Pendas Law did an awesome job working my claim against my homeowners insurance. They had refused to pay for the wind damage to the roof. Larry with Pendas Law Firm was assigned to my case and immediately started working on it. I could not be happier. Will definitely use Pendas Law in the future if needed.

    — John Hibbert
  • I'm thankful to have chosen them , very responsible and communicative , Went in the office with my family and the environment was great ,Sahily walked me through the process professionally, I got a good settlement faster than I expected, would totally recommend.

    — Juan Fernandez
  • I'm very happy with this firm... Joel is an excellent attorney and Carolyn is an amazing paralegal, After been ditched from another law firm, Pendas took care of me and they won my case. I recommend them 100%...

  • This law firm is amazing. I love how they always try to stay/keep in contact with you. It shows that they really care and want everything taken care of correctly, Thank You!...

  • I'm very thankful for all the attention of all the Pendas staff that took care of my case and helped me through the process, thanks for your patience, collaboration and comprehension!...

  • The Pendas Law Firm was amazing! They are very kind, professional, and hard-working! They always kept me informed. Larry Trias was great to work with! I always recommend Pendas to family and friends. Thank you for helping me with my case!

  • Their attorneys are absolutely someone you want handling your car accident claim. They communicated with us promptly and thoroughly. I was very happy with our recovery. Their staff speaks Spanish and you feel like family.

  • I would definitely recommend this firm. The staff really helps you and they actually show you that they care, especially Siomara Roldan. She has been a great help for my family and myself, she is always helpful with any questions.

  • Pendas is the best! The paralegals are very attentive to your case, knowledgeable, and communicative! The attorney also won’t just be there the day of your sign up, but all throughout the process as needed. I truly recommend Pendas!

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