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Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer

In the U.S., 12.6 percent of the population has some sort of disability, according to Cornell University. In Florida, that percentage is higher, at 13.4. Not all of these people have a disability that keeps them from going about their normal, day to day life. However, some disabled people are much less fortunate. Crippling, disabling injuries and illnesses can cause many seemingly insurmountable problems in life. Carrying out daily activities such as walking the dog, making coffee, driving to the grocery store, or picking up your children or grandchildren for a big hug may become difficult or even impossible, and coming to terms with that can send even the most stoic of us into a spiraling downward depression. However, there is a glimmer of hope, at least, for the financial portion of your life. It may not be near or even close to what you were making before your disability (or it may be roughly the same) but you can take some solace in the fact that you may qualify for Social Security disability. Social Security disability is a resource, like social security, that we pay into from a tax on our wages.

Unlike standard Social Security, Social Security Disability is open to those of all ages, so long as you were a tax-paying contributor into the system for the required number of years at the required rate. To find out if you qualify for Social Security Disability, or if you have applied and were initially denied, call an experienced Tampa Social Security Disability lawyer today to discuss your options.

Quick and Useful Facts About Social Security Disability

Social Security disability is a financial tool for Americans who are no longer able to perform the work they once were and cannot work in another field due to their long term condition. For an injury, illness, or other disability to be considered “long term,” the condition needs to last or be predicted to last at least one year or more. Many of those on Social Security disability are impaired to the level that they will never be able to work again. If your injury, illness, or condition was brought on at work or was caused by your employment, and it did not or is not expected to last a year, a better option for you to pursue may be workers’ compensation. As stated before, social security disability is only for long term conditions. According to the Social Security Administration, in 2014:

  • 10.2 million people were on Social Security disability;
  • Of all of the disabled beneficiaries (869,371) there were 778,796 awards given to disabled workers accounting for 90 percent of the total;
  • 779,229 benefits were terminated;
  • The average age of the beneficiaries was 53;
  • The average monthly benefit was $1,165.39; and
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue made up the largest category of disability.

Contact our Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyers Today

If you are disabled due to an injury, illness, or other condition, and are not able to work because of it, contact an experienced Tampa Social Security Disability lawyer today with The Pendas Law Firm at 1-888-573-6327. Our aggressive lawyers can help you submit an application for benefits, or appeal a denial.

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