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Florida Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security Disability is a tremendous financial resource for people whose disability prevents them from holding down a full time job. However, Social Security Disability is a very difficult benefit to secure. At this time, we are not servicing this type of case, but please contact us for more information, and so that we may make a very capable recommendation.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability

Millions of Americans are injured or come down with serious illnesses every year. Most are able to recover within 12 months, and do not need long-term financial assistance. However, for the others that do, thankfully there is a system in place just for that: Social Security. There are two branches of Social Security–Social Security retirement and Social Security disability. The former is reserved only for citizens who are 65 years old or more, while Social Security disability is a safety net that provides crucial aid to individuals of all ages who have been permanently injured and can no longer work. In order to qualify, your injury must fall within the Social Security Administration’s definition of a disabling injury and be on their list of impairments. This injury cannot be expected to improve in less than 12 months time. You must also have worked in a job or jobs, for a minimum length of time, that were covered by Social Security, meaning that part of your paycheck was taken out and put into the Social Security Administration’s fund. This is called payroll tax; 6.2 cents of every dollar that you earned will likely have gone to Social Security, so long as you did not earn your wages under the table. An additional 1.45 cents on every dollar is taken out for Medicare, which is unrelated to Social Security but serves a similar purpose of providing care for older Americans.

The following is a list of criteria that you must meet in order to qualify for Social Security Disability:

  • You are unable to work, or your ability to earn a living is significantly impaired (If you are working and earning over $1,130 in 2016, you will not be eligible);
  • You have a severe injury;
  • That injury is covered under the Social Security Administration’s list of disabling conditions;
  • The condition significantly impairs your ability to perform the work that you were once able to do; and
  • You cannot adjust to another type of work. Age, medical condition, work experience, transferable skills, and education are generally taken into this consideration.

If you pass all of these requirements, you may still be denied for Social Security benefits, or you may be awarded low-level benefits that do not meet your needs. This is why working with an experienced Florida Social Security disability lawyer is key to success the first time, or second time, that you apply for benefits. Most of those who apply are turned down the first time for Social Security Disability.  Many applicants simply give up at that point. You must consult with an experienced Florida Social Security disability lawyer that understands the approval process, and the chances of your claim succeeding will dramatically improve.

Most of those who apply are turned down the first time for Social Security Disability.  Many applicants simply give up at that point. You must consult with an experienced Florida social security disability lawyer that understands the approval process, and the chances of your claim succeeding will dramatically improve.

Additional Family Members May be Eligible for Benefits

Once you have been approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you may other family members that are eligible to receive benefits on your record. This is incredibly important for a parent with children to support and family members who were once dependant on their income. According to the Social Security Administration, family members who may be eligible for benefits include children, spouses, divorced spouses, disabled children, and adult children who were disabled before the age of 22. The Administration will provide up to 50 percent of your monthly disability benefit to your family members, with the total limit being 150 to 180 percent of your individual rate. Contact our Florida Social Security lawyers for more information.

Contact our Experienced Florida Social Security Disability Lawyers

The Pendas Law Firm has developed detailed knowledge of the Florida Social Security Disability system, and is able to help you today. If you have a Social Security Disability matter call us as soon as you can or fill out the Free Evaluation form at the top of every page on our site.  It doesn’t cost any more to get The Pendas Law firm working for you from the beginning, so there’s no reason to wait. We have offices in Orlando, Fort Myers, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale & Miami.

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