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Bradenton Social Security Disability Lawyer

Illnesses and permanent prevent many Americans and Florida residents from being able to hold down a job and being able to support themselves and their families. Luckily, we all pay into Social Security Disability (SSD) with every paycheck we receive, and through the taxes we pay if we are self-employed. If you are totally disabled, cannot work, and need assistance, you may be eligible for SSD benefits, which are paid in cash monthly. Contact the Bradenton Social Security Disability lawyers of the Pendas Law Firm today to find out more about how to apply for and secure Social Security Disability benefits.

What Are The Requirements For Social Security Disability?

According to the Social Security Administration, studies show that 25 percent of those at the age of 20 today will become disabled before they reach the age of 67. Obviously, this is a much needed federal program that helps millions of people across the nation. However, it is difficult to procure SSD benefits. There are two criteria that a disabled person must meet in order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits: having paid enough into the system by being employed, and meeting the Social Security Administration’s definition of disabled, which is more complex than one might think.

Work Credits: You Can Earn Four Credits Per Year, And You Need 40 Credits Total to Qualify

The first criteria necessary to meet is that you have worked in a job that was covered by (that paid into) Social Security Disability for a long enough period of time. This includes self-employment. You must have worked long enough, recently enough, and earned enough to be eligible for SSD benefits. SSD benefits are earned through a credit system. You can earn up to four credits in one year, with one credit being equivalent of earning $1,260. Four credits, the maximum a person can earn in one year, is an annual income of $5,040, according to the Social Security Administration. These numbers change slightly from year to year, however. You will need to have acquired 40 credits to be eligible for SSD benefits, 20 of which must have been earned in the last 10 years. However, if you became disabled at a younger age, you may not need as many credits to qualify.

The Social Security’s Definition of Disabled

According to the Social Security Administration, a disabled person:

  • Is unable to perform the work they used to do;
  • Cannot adjust to other work due to your medical condition; and
  • Has a disability that is expected to last for over a year or result in death.

The Administration is very strict with those it accepts into its benefit program, and the criteria it uses to quantify a person’s disability is often inflexible.

Call The Social Security Disability Lawyers of The Pendas Law Firm Today

Has your disability prevented you from being able to work? You may be eligible for SSD benefits. Call the experienced Bradenton Social Security Disability lawyers of the Pendas Law Firm today for help in receiving this crucial financial assistance.

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