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Uninsured Motorists Continue to be Pervasive Concern

A new report shows that in recent years there has not been much ground gained in the battle against uninsured motorists on the road. Furthermore, experts are at a loss for an explanation for this growing, pervasive problem of uninsured drivers.

New Report

The new report, “Uninsured Motorists, 2014 Edition,” shows that the overall percentage of uninsured motorists has fallen from its highest level of 15% nine years ago to 12.6% in 2012. However, the report also believes that an estimated $2.6 billion was paid to cover uninsured motorist claims that same year. This amounts to a 75% increase in money paid for that type of claims from 2003 to 2012. Additionally, that number does not take into account property damage. It is only for the amount paid for bodily injury in auto accidents.

The report also shows that stricter laws and regulations have not done much to stem the tide against uninsured motorists on the road. While some are tempted to blame the economy for the fewer number of people buying auto insurance, there does not seem to be a clear link between the two. In the most recent recession, for every 1% increase in the nation’s unemployment rate there was a .5% increase in the number of uninsured motorists. However, in the previous recession, the number of uninsured motorists declined despite the increase in unemployment.

Uninsured Motorist Problems

People who go without insurance are causing problems for auto insurance policyholders, insurers, regulators, and the general public. In addition to paying for insurance that covers their own actions, insurers must also pay a portion of costs incurred by other drivers through uninsured motorist coverage. For insurers and the insured alike, this can come at a substantial cost.

Because of rising medical costs, experts believe that the overall cost from uninsured motorist accidents is likely to climb, as well. This may have a significant impact on the insurance companies writing auto policies, in addition to an increase in premiums for policyholders.

Florida Uninsured Motorists

In Florida, where the rate of unemployment is higher, the number of uninsured motorist accidents that resulted in bodily injury was higher, too. Florida, with other states that have higher unemployment like Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Mexico, Michigan, and Tennessee, had ratios of uninsured motorist accidents above 20%.

Population also seems to play a role in the number of uninsured motorists on the road, and with 3.2 million people, Florida has more uninsured motorists than the majority of other states. Almost one in eight drivers on the road today is an uninsured motorist. Around 30 million people driving are doing so without auto insurance across the country.

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