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Prosecutors Refrain From Charging 75 Year-old Who Caused Seven Car Pile Up, Killing Two

The Brevard-Seminole State Lawyer’s Office recently announced they would refrain from charging a 75-year old woman who caused a seven car pile up, killing two. The horrific crash killed a man and his infant child, the driver was left in critical condition. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

The tragic accident occurred in October 2015, near intersection of state roads 434 and 436 in Altamonte Springs near Orlando, Florida. The elderly driver drove 45 miles an hour through an intersection, hitting another sedan with four passengers.

Witnesses described a dreadful scene. The two vehicle traveled over 100 feet after impact, colliding with five other vehicles, including a tractor trailer. One driver involved in the crash rushed to help the critically wounded victims but could do little to help.

Authorities declined to charge the at-fault driver, claiming vehicular manslaughter or homicide indictments would not be appropriate. Altamonte Springs prosecutors assert while the elderly woman’s behavior was careless, it did not meet the legal standard for criminal conduct.

As a law firm which regularly represents the legal interests of auto accident and wrongful death victims, the Pendas Law Firm sees far too many cases of wrongdoers being held unaccountable by authorities for reckless behavior.

Proving negligence in an auto accident

Although the at-fault driver’s conduct was not deemed wanton or reckless enough to meet the criminal standard of negligence, the law none the less allows injury victims to bring civil claims against careless drivers. Tort laws require we all take reasonable steps to prevent placing others an undue risk of injury or accident and wrongdoers may be held accountable for their breach of duty.

In civil lawsuits, the law requires plaintiffs demonstrate to courts the defendant’s careless actions more likely than not caused the victim’s injuries and damages. Orlando auto accident lawyers can help show defendants owed a duty to act safely and breached this duty by behaving in a careless or otherwise negligent manner. Injuries and damages incurred through the reckless conduct of another may be considered actionable claims by the courts.

Auto accident injury victims may be entitled to substantial compensation, depending on the circumstances of the case. Orlando car accident victims can file lawsuits to recover for their hospital bills, lost wages, medical treatment, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Orlando wrongful death lawyers

In tragic wrongful death and auto accident cases, surviving family members may be able to bring their own claims for the financial and emotional loss of the support from the deceased. If your family lost a loved one in an auto crash or other accident, speak with one of our wrongful death lawyers about your case.

Florida wrongful death laws have many complex statutes and filing deadlines, not to mention a host of procedural and administrative steps that must be taken to successfully prosecute a wrongful death lawsuit. Our lawyers at the Pendas Law Firm represent clients in the Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach areas. Contact us if you need help.

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